Canon EOS 5D Mark III Instruction Manual (en)

 Setting the Sound Recording
Using the microphone
The built-in microphone records monaural sound. Stereo sound 
recording is also possible by connecting the Directional Stereo 
Microphone DM-E1 (sold separately) to the camera’s external 
microphone IN terminal (p.19) as the external microphone is given 
the priority. When an external microphone is connected, sound 
recording will switch automatically to the external microphone.
Using headphones
By connecting stereo headphones (commercially available)  
equipped with a 3.5 mm mini plug to the camera’s headphone 
terminal (p.19), you can listen to the sound during movie shooting. If 
you are using an external stereo microphone, you can listen to the 
sound in stereo.
You can also use headphones during movie playback.
The audio output to the headphones will not have noise reduction applied. It 
will therefore be different from the sound recorded with the movie.
In the <
A> shooting mode, [Sound recording] settings will be [On/Off]. 
If [On] is set, the sound-recording level will be adjusted automatically 
(same as with [Auto]), but the wind filter function will not take effect.
To adjust the headphones’ volume, press the <Q> button, then tilt the 
multi-controller up or down while pressing the <c> button. Note that 
the headphone’s volume will not be displayed on the screen. Adjust it 
while listening to the sound.
The sound volume balance between L (left) and R (right) cannot be 
The 48 kHz sampling frequency will be 16-bit recordings for both L and 
If [z5: Silent Control] is set to [Enable h] (p.238), you can adjust the 
sound-recording level with the <h> touch pad to reduce the operation 
noise during movie shooting.