Canon EOS 5D Mark III Instruction Manual (en)

The time code is a time reference 
recorded automatically to synchronize 
the video and audio during movie 
shooting. It is recorded at all times in the 
following units: hours, minutes, seconds, 
and frames. It is mainly used during 
movie editing.
Set the time code with [z5: Time 
]. In the <
A> mode, this function 
is displayed in [z3].
[Rec run] : The time code counts up only while you are shooting a 
movie. The time code will be continuous across 
sequential movie files.
[Free run] : The time code counts up whether you are shooting or not.
You can set the time code’s start time.
[Manual input setting]: You can freely set the hour, minute, second, 
and frames.
: The time set with [Manual input setting] and 
[Set to camera time] is reset to 00:00:00:00.
[Set to camera time] : Sets hours, minutes, and seconds to match 
the camera’s internal clock. “Frames” will be 
set to 00.
 Setting the Time Code
Count Up
Start Time Setting
If [Free run] is set and you change the time, zone, or daylight saving time 
(p.36), the time code will be affected.