Canon EOS 5D Mark III Instruction Manual (en)

[z4] Menu
When the Live View shooting/Movie 
shooting switch is set to <k>, the [z4
and [z5] tabs dedicated to movie 
shooting will be displayed. The menu 
options are as follows.
In the <
A> mode, [z2] and [z3] will 
be displayed.
AF mode
The AF modes will be the same as described on pages 209-215. 
You can select [Live mode], [u Live mode], or [Quick mode]. Note 
that continuous focusing of a moving subject is not possible.
Even if the AF mode is set to [Quick mode], it will switch to [Live 
] during movie shooting.
Grid display
With [3x3 l] or [6x4 m], you can display grid lines. It can help 
you level the camera vertically or horizontally. Also, with [3x3+diag 
n], the grid is displayed together with diagonal lines to help you 
align the intersections over the subject for better balance in the 
Movie recording size
You can set the movie recording size (image size, frame rate, and 
compression method). For details, see pages 233 to 235.
Sound recording
You can set sound recording settings. For details, see pages 236 
and 237.
 Menu Function Settings