Canon EOS 5D Mark III Instruction Manual (en)

You can play back movies in the following three ways:
Use the provided AV cable or an HDMI 
Cable HTC-100 (sold separately) to 
connect the camera to a TV set. Then 
you can play back captured movies and 
still photos on the TV.
If you have a High-Definition TV set and 
connect your camera with an HDMI 
cable, you can watch Full High-Definition 
(Full HD: 1920x1080) and High-
Definition (HD: 1280x720) movies with 
higher image quality.
You can play back movies on the 
camera’s LCD monitor. You can also edit 
out the movie’s first and last scenes, and 
play back the still photos and movies on 
the card in an automatic slide show.
k Enjoying Movies
Playback on a TV set
(p.274, 277)
Playback on the Camera’s LCD Monitor
Movies on a card can be played only by devices compatible with MOV 
Since hard disk recorders do not have an HDMI IN terminal, the camera 
cannot be connected to a hard disk recorder with an HDMI cable.
Even if the camera is connected to a hard disk recorder with a USB 
cable, movies and still photos cannot be played nor saved.
A movie edited with a personal computer cannot be rewritten to the card and 
played back with the camera.