Canon EOS 5D Mark III Instruction Manual (en)

Viewing the Images on TV
Connect the camera to a TV set.
Use an HDMI cable to connect the 
camera to the TV.
The TV’s input will switch automatically to 
the HDMI port connected to the camera.
Press the camera’s <x> button.
An image will appear on the TV 
screen and you can use the TV’s 
remote control to play back images.
Select an image or movie.
Point the remote control toward the 
TV set and press the / button to 
select an image.
Press the remote control’s Enter button.
The menu appears and you can perform 
the playback operations shown on the left.
Press the / button to select the 
desired option, then press the Enter 
button. For a slide show, press the remote 
control’s / button to select an option, 
then press the Enter button.
If you select [Return] and press the Enter 
button, the menu will disappear and you can 
use the / button to select an image.
Still photo playback menu
Movie playback menu
: Return
: 9-image index
: Play movie
: Slide show
: Disp. shooting info
: Rotate
During the two-image display (p.259), playback with the TV’s remote control 
is not possible. To use the TV’s remote control for playback, first press the 
<m> button to return to the single-image display.
Some TV sets require you to first enable the HDMI CEC connection. For 
details, refer to the TV set’s instruction manual.
Certain TV sets, even those compatible with HDMI CEC, may not operate 
properly. In such a case, set [33: Ctrl over HDMI] to [Disable], and use 
the camera to control the playback operation.