Canon EOS 5D Mark III Instruction Manual (en)

a Copying Images
Select [OK].
Check the copy source and target 
card’s information.
Turn the <5> dial to select [OK], 
then press <
The copying will start and the 
progress will be displayed.
When the copying is completed, the 
result will be displayed.
Select [OK] to return to the screen in 
step 2.
You can copy all the images in a folder or on a card at one time. Under 
[x1: Image copy], when you select [Sel.
n] or [All image], you can 
copy all the images in the folder or on a card.
 Copying All Images in a Folder or Card
The file name of the copied image will be the same as the source image’s file name.
If [Sel.Image] is set, you cannot copy images in multiple folders at one 
time. Select images in each folder to copy them folder by folder.
If an image is being copied to a target folder/card which has an image with the same file 
number, the following will be displayed: [Skip image and continue] [Replace 
existing image
] [Cancel copy]. Select the copying method, then press <
• [Skip image and continue]: 
Any images in the source folder having the same file number as 
images in the target folder will be skipped and not copied.
• [Replace existing image]: 
Any images in the target folder having the same file number as the 
source images (including protected images) will be overwritten.
If an image with a print order (p.311) is overwritten, you will have to set 
the print order again.
The image’s print order information and image transfer information will 
not be retained when the image is copied.
Shooting is not possible during the copying operation. Select [Cancel
before shooting.