Canon EOS 5D Mark III Instruction Manual (en)

 Processing RAW Images with the CameraN
Displaying the setting screen
Press <
0> to display the setting 
screen. Turn the <5> or <6> dial 
to change the setting. To return to the 
screen in step 3, press <
Save the image.
Select [W] (Save), then press <
Select [OK] to save the image.
Check the destination folder and 
image file number, then select [OK].
To process another image, repeat 
steps 2 to 4.
Press the <M> button to return to 
the menu.
You can magnify the image by pressing the <
u> button in step 3. The 
magnification will differ depending on the pixel count of [Image quality
set in [RAW image processing]. With <
9>, you can scroll around the 
magnified image.
To cancel the magnified view, press the <
u> button again.
Images shot in a Live View shooting aspect ratio ([4:3] [16:9] [1:1]) will 
be displayed in the respective aspect ratio. JPEG images will also be 
saved in the set aspect ratio.
About the Magnified View
Images with Aspect Ratio Setting