Canon EOS 5D Mark III Instruction Manual (en)

 Processing RAW Images with the CameraN
 Brightness adjustment
You can adjust the image brightness up to ±1 stop in 1/3-stop 
increments. The displayed image will reflect the setting’s effect.
 White balance (p.139)
You can select the white balance. If you select [P], turn the <6> 
dial to set the color temperature on the setting screen. The displayed 
image will reflect the setting’s effect.
 Picture Style (p.131)
You can select the Picture Style. To set the parameters such as 
Sharpness, press <
0> to display the setting screen. Turn the 
<6> dial to select the Picture Style. Turn the <5> dial to select a 
parameter to be adjusted, then turn the <6> dial to set it. To return 
to the screen in step 3, press <
0>. The displayed image will reflect 
the setting’s effect.
 Auto Lighting Optimizer (p.144)
You can set the Auto Lighting Optimizer. The displayed image will 
reflect the setting’s effect.
 High ISO speed noise reduction (p.145)
You can set the noise reduction for high ISO speeds. The displayed 
image will reflect the setting’s effect. If the effect is difficult to discern, 
press the <
u> button to magnify the image. (Press the <u> button 
to return to the normal view.)
 Image quality (p.121)
You can set the image quality of the JPEG image to be saved when 
converting the RAW image. The image size displayed, such as [***M 
], has a 3:2 aspect ratio. The pixel count of each aspect ratio 
is indicated on page 294.
RAW Image-processing Options