Canon EOS 5D Mark III Instruction Manual (en)

W Digital Print Order Format (DPOF)
Select and order images one by one.
If you press the <
u> button and turn the 
<6> dial counterclockwise, you can 
select an image from a three-image 
display. To return to the single-image 
display, turn the <6> dial clockwise.
Press the <M> button to save the 
print order to the card.
[Standard] [Both]
Press <
0> and a print order for one 
copy of the displayed image will be 
placed. By turning the <5> dial, you 
can set the quantity up to 99.
Press <
0> to include images with a 
checkmark <X> in the index print.
Select [Mark all in folder] and select the folder. A print order for one 
copy of all the images in the folder will be placed. If you select [Clear 
all in folder
] and select the folder, the print order for that folder will 
all be canceled.
All image
If you select [Mark all on card], one copy of all the images on the 
card will be set for printing. If you select [Clear all on card], the print 
order will be cleared for all the images on the card.
Print Ordering
Total images selected
Index icon
Note that RAW images and movies will not be included in the print order 
even if you set “By
n” or “All image.”
When using a PictBridge printer, print no more than 400 images for one print 
order. If you specify more than this, all the images may not be printed.