Canon EOS 5D Mark III Instruction Manual (en)

d Transferring Images to a Personal Computer
Transfer the image.
On the computer screen, check that 
EOS Utility’s main window is 
Select [Direct transfer], then press <
On the confirmation screen, select 
[OK] and the images will be 
transferred to the personal computer.
Images selected with [Sel.
n] and [All 
image] can also be transferred in this way.
Select [Sel.
n] and select [Folder images not transfer’d]. When 
you select a folder, all the images in that folder not yet transferred to 
the personal computer will be selected.
Selecting [Folder images failed transf.] will select the selected 
folder’s images that failed to transfer.
Selecting [Clear folder transf. history] will clear the transfer history 
of the images in the selected folder. After clearing the transfer 
history, you can select [Folder images not transfer’d] and again 
transfer all the images in the folder.
All image
If [All image] is selected and you select [Card images not 
], all the images on the card not yet transferred to a 
personal computer will be selected.
For a description of [Card images failed transfer] and [Clear 
card’s transf. history
], see “Sel.
n” above.
If any screen other than EOS Utility’s main window is displayed on the 
personal computer, [Direct transfer] is not displayed.
During the image transfer, certain menu options cannot be used.
You can also transfer movies.
Up to 9,999 images can be transferred in one batch.
Shooting is possible during the image transfer.