Canon EOS 5D Mark III Instruction Manual (en)

w Register Custom Shooting ModesN
[x2] Slide show, Image jump with 6
[x3] Highlight alert, AF point disp., Playback grid, Histogram 
display, Movie play count, Magnificatn (approx.)
[51] File numbering, Auto rotate, Eye-Fi settings
[52] Auto power off, LCD brightness, VF grid display, HDMI frame 
[53] Sensor cleaning (Auto cleaning), 
z button display options, 
m button function
[81] Exposure level increments, ISO speed setting increments, 
Bracketing auto cancel, Bracketing sequence, Number of 
bracketed shots, Safety shift
[82] LV shooting area display, Dial direction during Tv/Av, Multi 
function lock, Custom Controls
[83] Add cropping information, Default Erase option
My Menu settings will not be registered.
When the Mode Dial is set to <w>, <x>, or <y>, you cannot select 
[54: Clear all camera settings] and [84: Clear all Custom Func. 
Even when the Mode Dial is set to <w>, <x>, or <y>, you can still 
change shooting function settings and menu settings.
By pressing the <
B> button, you can check which shooting mode is 
registered under <w>, <x>, and <y> (p.342, 343).