Canon EOS 5D Mark III Instruction Manual (en)

B Button Functions
Pressing the <Q> button enables Quick Control of the shooting 
settings (p.49).
If you press the <m>, <o>, <n>, or <S> button, 
the respective setting screen will appear on the LCD monitor and 
you can turn the <6> or <5> dial to set the function. You can also 
select the AF point with <
Shooting Settings
Battery check
Shutter speed
Auto Lighting Optimizer
Image-recording quality
Picture Style
Shooting mode
ISO speed
Card indicator
Possible shots
Eye-Fi card transmission status
Remaining number of 
exposures (multiple 
AF mode
White balance correction
Exposure level
Highlight tone priority
Quick Control icon
Custom Controls
AE lock
White balance
Card selection icon
Drive mode
Metering mode
Flash exposure compensation
Multiple exposures/HDR
Flash-ready/FE lock/
High-speed sync
If you turn off the power while the “Shooting settings display” screen is 
displayed, the same screen will be displayed when you turn on the power 
again. To cancel this, press the <
B> button to turn off the screen, then 
turn off the power switch.