Canon EOS 5D Mark III Instruction Manual (en)

Troubleshooting Guide
 JPEG images and 1/41/61 images cannot be resized 
with the camera (p.293).
If you selected [Clean nowf], the shutter will make a noise, but no 
picture is taken (p.296).
If you repeatedly turn the power switch <1> and <2> at a short 
interval, the <f> icon may not be displayed (p.34).
What is displayed on the screen differs depending on the printer. This 
instruction manual lists all the printing effects available (p.306).
Install the provided software (EOS DIGITAL Solution Disk CD-ROM) 
on the personal computer (p.395).
Check that EOS Utility’s main window is displayed.
I cannot resize the image.
Sensor Cleaning Problems
The shutter makes a noise during sensor cleaning.
Automatic sensor cleaning does not work.
Printing-Related Problems
There are fewer printing effects than listed in the instruction 
Image Transfer Problems
I cannot transfer images to a personal computer.