Canon EOS-1D C Brochure (en)

Up to 1 TB of Storage
With accumulating photo and video 
files, you might find it difficult to  
search for the files. The Canon Connect Station 
CS100 is the ideal long-term storage solution, 
boasting virtually a terabyte (about 1,000 GB) 
of storage so you can put all of your images, 
with the capacity for approx. 150,000 photos 
or approx. 70 hours of video content,* in one 
easily accessible place.
Universal Connectivity
The Connect Station CS100 
simplifies file transfers from Canon cameras  
and camcorders by incorporating a USB 
connection as well as SD and CF card slots.^
Import Images via NFC 
You can save time on importing photo 
and video files to the Connect Station CS100 
by utilizing built-in NFC. NFC allows for 
steamlined, wireless transfers without having 
to use additional cables. Simply hold the 
NFC-equipped Canon camera or camcorder** 
close to the Connect Station CS100 to 
automatically import new photos and videos. 
Previously imported photos and videos are 
recognized, so you will never waste space 
transferring multiple copies.
Secure Backups
The Connect Station CS100 provides secure 
storing and backups for all photos and videos. 
To copy or restore the entire digital image 
library, just connect the Connect Station to  
an external USB HDD (sold separately).  
Show in High Quality
Enjoy your photos and videos in 
stunning quality and see the details on a large 
screen TV. With an HDMI cable, the Connect 
Station can connect to HDTV allowing 
everyone to conveniently view all files on a 
large screen at once. Photos will be displayed 
in clear, high resolution and high bit-rate 
videos will play smoothly.  
Create Albums & Slide Shows
By using a web browser or TV, it is possible to 
create albums and slide shows from the photos 
and videos that have been downloaded to the 
Connect Station CS100. Choose timing, fade 
options, even background music – ideal for 
adding personal touches to your album, even if 
a computer is not available. 
Support for Your Photos and Videos
The Connect Station CS100 accepts photos and 
videos in various file formats, making it the ideal 
central storage/sharing/viewing hub. Whether 
the file is a JPEG, RAW
, MP4, MOV or AVCHD, 
the Connect Station CS100 will support it.
View and Transfer Photos from a  
Web Browser
The Connect Station CS100 is designed to make 
image access and management convenient. 
Using a web browser
, view, upload or download 
photos to and from the Connect Station CS100 
almost anywhere with a compatible smartphone, 
tablet or PC.***
©Bob Davis
The Canon Connect Station CS100 provides an easy and convenient way to store, 
organize, view and access all of your photos and videos. Designed to work 
seamlessly with Canon cameras and camcorders, built-in Wi-Fi
 and Near Field 
Communication (NFC) enable virtually instant transfers to the Connect Station CS100. 
Whatever you capture, the Connect Station CS100 makes it possible for you to easily 
enjoy every photo and video with all of your family and friends.
Print Wirelessly
You can print wirelessly right  
from the Connect Station CS100 to a 
compatible PictBridge (Wireless LAN)-enabled 
Canon PIXMA, SELPHY or other printer.
 & SNS
Keep everyone connected through social media 
sites and easily share what you have captured 
with the Connect Station. Through CANON 
, you can upload your photo 
and video files directly from the Connect 
Station to select social networking sites.
Sharing Images Between 
Connect Stations
Transfering photos with friends and 
family is simple with the Connect Station CS100. 
The Connect Station can send files to another 
Connect Station without having to use a 
computer or additional wired set-ups, making it 
easy for everyone to view your captured 
moments wherever they are located.  
  *   Calculated with approx. 6.6MB for each photo and with average 
32Mbps Full HD video.
  **   Wireless image transfer is compatible only with Canon cameras 
and camcorders equipped with NFC and released in 2015.
  ***   Videos cannot be uploaded to, or viewed/downloaded from 
Connect Station through a browser.
 ****  Compatible with printers su pporting PictBridge (Wireless LAN).
  #   One-time registration is required on CANON iMAGE GATEWAY 
online photo album.
  ^   Compatible with Canon Cameras and camcorders released in 
2010 and later.
    In case of operating this product through Web browser installed in 
terminals such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Normal operation  
has been confirmed for the following OS and Web browsers: 
Windows 8 and Windows 7: Chrome ver. 36 or later iOS (OS ver. 
6/7): Safari Android (OS ver. 4.2 or later): Chrome ver. 26 or later. 
If JavaScript is disabled by the Web browser setting, images will 
not be displayed properly. You need to connect the terminal to the 
same access point or a router as Connect Station.
  ◊◊   CR2 format only. JPEG thumbnail file in RAW image file is shown. 
RAW image processing is not available.
Easily store your photos & 
videos in one place 
View photos & videos 
on your HDTV
Various ways to share your 
photos & videos 
Capture photos using your 
Canon products
By PC/Mobile
Print Wirelessly
Between Connect Stations