Canon EOS-1D C Brochure (en)

A Digital Cinema Camera with Few Competitors
The Canon EOS C500 4K Digital Cinema Camera is the flagship of the Cinema EOS family, offering 
many contemporary high-resolution motion-imaging choices. Direct readout from its Canon-developed 
Super 35mm 4K CMOS image sensor eliminates the debayering process and allows for uncompressed 
2K or HD 4:4:4 RGB, as well as 4K Half Raw, at up to 120P frame rates to be output to external 
recorders via 3G-SDI serial interface. To accommodate 4K production, it can also image in either 
the cinema-centric 4096 x 2160 format, or the television-centric 3840 x 2160 UHDTV format by 
delivering uncompressed 4K RAW output to external recorders.
The First Ever Canon 4K DSLR Cinema Camera
The Canon EOS-1D C 4K DSLR Cinema Camera is a singularly unique, self-contained motion-imaging 
system. It utilizes a Canon-developed Full-Frame 18.1 Megapixel CMOS image sensor and offers 
digital 4K at 24 fps motion imaging, two separate modes of 16:9 HD motion imaging, and full-frame 
image grabs with resolution suitable for high-end digital stills – all captured in-camera to CF cards. 
Motion-JPEG compression is used for 4K YUV 4:2:2 recording, and MPEG-4 AVCHD / H.264 codecs for 
the two HD modes – each at high data rates – help ensure excellent image capture performance. 
Canon’s First Entry Into the Digital Cinema Market
Incorporating Canon’s innovative Super 35mm imaging system, the EOS C300 Digital Cinema 
Camera’s 50 Mbps 4:2:2 XF Codec not only holds up to the most rigorous color correction, but also 
conforms to worldwide broadcast standards. A pair of CF card slots affords a choice between double 
slot recording for enhanced security and Relay Recording for continuous roll time. Coupled with its 
superb low-light performance and filmic grain structure, the EOS C300 offers intuitive ergonomics 
that let it tuck into places that other cameras cannot.
A Digital HD Camera Designed for Maximum Creative Freedom
Optimized for one-person use and compatible with the full range of Canon EF, EF-S, and EF-mount 
CN-E Cinema lenses, the greatly evolved Canon EOS C100 Mark II Digital HD camera integrates the 
same Emmy
-Award winning Canon Super 35mm CMOS Sensor used in all of Canon’s Cinema EOS 
cameras, but now it replaces the Canon DIGIC DV III Image Processor with the more sophisticated 
Canon DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor. In addition to improved RGB video processing, the camera’s dual 
codec capability supports simultaneous AVCHD and MP4 recording, including 59.94P capture along 
with slow and fast motion recording. A re-designed 270˚ rotating 3.5-inch OLED panel, and a tiltable 
large EVF with large-sized eyecup, further empower the camera operator.
The Cinema EOS System includes the EOS C500 4K Digital Cinema Camera; the EOS-1D C 4K DSLR Cinema Camera;  
the EOS C300 Digital Cinema Camera; and the EOS C100 Mark II Digital Video Camera. Each camera offers superb image  
performance and outstanding operational features and benefits. They are innovative, digitally and physically robust,  
and backed by Canon’s legendary high-quality craftsmanship. Indeed, these are the cinema cameras that let you go  
wherever the story takes you.
T2.8 L S/SP covers wide to modest telephoto 
shots. When the two lenses are used as a pair, 
they cover a very broad zoom range. They also 
feature a constant T-number (2.8) throughout 
their zoom ranges as well as the latest  
advancements in lens design for outstanding 
image quality and minimal distortion. Both 
zoom lenses are ideal for Steadicam™ and 
hand-held shooting as well as for applications 
beyond filmmaking.
Canon Cinema Prime Lenses
The flexible series of Canon Cinema Prime 
Lenses offers spectacular 4K-image quality 
and a full-frame image circle, in lightweight, 
compact designs. This family of lenses features 
high optical speed, produces amazingly sharp 
images and superb contrast, and maintains 
tightly controlled focus breathing and  
geometric distortion. Low T-numbers enable 
better low-light shooting and enhanced image 
expression with shallow depth-of-field and 
beautiful bokeh of large image circles.  
These EF-mount models offer consistent form 
factors and markings that have been optimized 
for motion picture production, and represent 
the beginning of an evolving family of cinema 
primes. Canon Cinema Prime Lenses are also 
compatible – under manual operation – with  
all Canon EOS DSLR models, including the  
Canon Cinema Zoom and  
Compact Zoom Lenses
Canon Cinema Zoom and Compact Zoom Lenses 
use advanced optical glass materials, optical 
coatings and powerful sophisticated design 
techniques to offer amazing 4K optical  
performance. All four lens models are available 
in EF- or PL-mount versions, and for added  
flexibility the mount on all models can be 
switched at a Canon service facility. 
Zoom Lens Series – Canon Cinema Zoom Lenses 
offer extraordinary optical performance that 
exceeds 4K resolution. They combine fluorite 
and aspherical lens elements, the latest in 
advanced optical coatings and superb lens 
designs for outstanding edge-to-edge image 
quality. These lenses also feature minimal 
lens distortions and exceed the resolving 
power of the prime lenses at all zoom levels. 
Surprisingly low-weight, the wide-angle  
CN-E14.5–60mm T2.6 L S/SP and telephoto 
CN-E30–300mm T2.95–3.7 L S/SP cover the 
range of focal lengths most commonly used  
in filmmaking. 
Compact Zoom Lens Series – Canon Cinema 
Compact Zoom Lenses offer 4K resolution in 
form factors that enable more flexible, less  
intrusive shooting. The CN-E15.5–47mm  
T2.8 L S/SP delivers a wide to medium range  
of focal lengths, while the CN-E30–105mm 
Canon’s expanding lineup of dedicated Super 35mm  
Cinema Lenses is engineered to meet the most demanding 
requirements of high-end cinematography. Covering  
a wide range of popular cinema focal lengths in  
a series of Zooms, Compact Zooms, Prime and  
CINE-SERVO Lenses, it’s one of the most complete  
lineups of lenses available to any filmmaker. 
Whether you are involved in film production,  
TV commercials, TV dramas, independent, video 
or film school production, these are the lenses 
you need for all reasons.
full-frame EOS-1D X and EOS 5D Mark III, as 
well as the EOS 7D Mark II and EOS 70D models 
that use APS-C sized image sensors.
Designed for EF- and PL-mount Cameras, 
Canon CINE-SERVO lenses provide outstanding 
versatility and operability while offering 
superb 4K optical performance, making them 
ideal for cinema and broadcast applications.
Cinema Lens Gearing and Control
Canon Cinema Lenses meet cinematographers’ 
highest expectations of control over focus, iris 
and zoom. Wide rotation angles – especially on 
focus controls – combine with large, highly 
visible scales, high mechanical accuracy of 
each control, and a carefully implemented 
tactile resistance that augments operational 
precision. A unique optical design that  
significantly minimizes focus breathing  
facilitates a new level of creative focus pulls. 
The Cinema Zoom lenses’ associated three 
gears are precisely matched in location and 
diameter to facilitate convenient lens exchange 
during a shoot. The same is true for the Cinema 
Compact Zoom lens series, and for the series of 
Cinema Prime lenses.