Canon EOS-1D C Brochure (en)

Movie Crop
The Movie Crop function (select EOS 
cameras) enables zooming at 7x the 
captured focal length for distant 
action and extreme close-ups. This feature is 
perfect when the chosen subject is in a crowd, 
like a specific athlete, or when it’s impossible to 
get close to the action. Recorded as a VGA video, 
Movie Crop shots are perfect for emailing, 
posting online, or editing into other video clips.
Video Snapshot
With the Video Snapshot feature 
(select EOS cameras) short video 
clips (of 2, 4 or 8 seconds) can be 
stitched together, in-camera, into one video  
file as a “snapshot album,” perfect for sharing 
online, or displaying to an HDTV directly from 
the camera. Select EOS cameras feature 
advanced Video Snapshot that makes  
in-camera editing even easier: still images  
can be captured during video recording simply  
by pressing the shutter button, and video clips  
can be reordered or deleted in an album during 
playback. A wind filter on the EOS Rebel T6s 
and EOS Rebel T6i cameras helps reduce 
distracting audio noise during video recording.
Advanced Video Recording Options
Select EOS DSLR cameras offer a choice 
between All-I, IPB and Light IPB compression 
and support High Profile under the H.264/
MPEG-4 AVC standard, combining high  
image quality with high coding efficiency  
and producing files that are well suited for  
transmission or broadcast. The FAT file system 
automatically splits files greater than 4GB, 
and creates a new file without interruption.  
Additional options include timecoding at all 
times (Free Run) or only during recording (Rec 
Run), which is useful for multi-camera shots.
Light IPB Recording
Available on the EOS Rebel T6i and  
EOS Rebel T6s cameras, light IPB recording 
provides smaller size video files, while 
maintaining high image quality. These  
video files are easy to view and share on 
compatible smartphones, tablets and select 
social networking sites. Due to their smaller 
file size, videos recorded in light IPB mode  
can also be sent via a wireless network.
Manual Control
For complete creative decision-making on the 
go, select EOS cameras offer flexible manual 
controls for their movie modes. Not only can 
one take advantage of the range of ISO 
sensitivities, it’s simple to control exposure 
and depth-of-field, all of which can have a 
profound effect on the mood of a scene. It’s all 
as easy as the press of a button. By controlling 
depth-of-field, it’s simple to create gorgeous 
background blur. Exposure can be determined 
and set even in complex lighting situations, 
maintaining the same look and feel throughout 
an entire scene, not just the initial shot. 
Movie Servo AF 
For accurate and steady focus during video 
shooting, Canon developed Movie Servo AF 
(select EOS cameras only). Movie Servo AF takes 
Select EOS cameras feature 1920 x 1080 Full HD video  
capture and offer the enhanced image quality, smooth frame 
rates and adaptive exposure compensation necessary in  
professional movie-making tools. By shooting video with an 
EOS camera, it’s simple to take advantage of the image  
quality and characteristics intrinsic to large sensor cameras, 
resulting in richer, more detailed and more diverse images. 
The large sensor found in EOS cameras means more high 
quality pixels plus the potential to shoot at higher ISO  
sensitivities without loss of detail. 
EOS Full HD Video Advantage
Artistic Capabilities with EOS Lenses
Canon EF and EF-S lenses offer an incredible 
selection of lenses (wide-angle, macro, 
super-telephoto, tilt-shift and fisheye) to 
complement the user’s creative vision. With 
the flexibility to create images of great beauty 
and controlled depth-of-field, interchangeable 
lenses bring video shooting to a whole new 
level. The range of focal lengths is simply 
staggering. The Canon EF 8–15mm f/4L  
Fisheye USM, the world’s first real fisheye 
zoom lens that functions as a circular fisheye 
and full-frame fisheye for a full size CMOS 
sensor, and as a full-frame fisheye for a full 
size CMOS sensor and APS-C sizes, there’s 
an EF or EF-S lens for everyone. No matter the 
videographer, no matter the situation, Canon 
lenses help ensure quality results. 
Frame Rates
In select models, EOS Full HD video can be 
captured at 1920 x 1080 resolution, for up to 
4GB per clip. Videos are saved as MOV files 
(the EOS 7D Mark II cameras can record in 
both MOV and MP4 formats, and at 50/60 fps) 
and can be viewed in Full HD with HDMI 
output. Other recording sizes include HD at 
1280 x 720 (50/60 fps) or SD/VGA at 640 x 480 
(50/60 fps). No matter the end-application,  
the proper resolution and frame rate can be 
easily defined with EOS cameras. 
MP4 Format
Select EOS cameras can now record videos in 
MP4 format. MP4 format provides video that is 
easily shareable, and compatible across 
smartphones, tablets and other mobile 
devices. Recording in MP4 format compresses 
the video into smaller sized files without 
affecting video quality.
Movie Digital Zoom
On the EOS 70D and EOS Rebel T6s cameras, 
Movie Digital Zoom makes it possible to zoom 
from 3x to 10x while shooting video, helping 
add a dramatic effect to video clips. 
advantage of the Hybrid CMOS AF systems on 
select EOS Rebel cameras, and the Dual Pixel 
CMOS AF system on the EOS 7D Mark II and  
EOS 70D cameras to lock focus on a subject  
with great speed and track it throughout the 
composition. Movie Servo AF automatically 
determines the distance of the subject as its 
position changes through the frame. On the  
EOS 7D Mark II and EOS 70D, Dual Pixel CMOS AF 
and Movie Servo AF work in concert to provide 
smooth and consistent autofocus tracking, 
even on fast-moving subjects. When cameras 
featuring Movie Servo AF (the EOS 7D Mark II 
camera has customizable settings for more 
control) are used with one of Canon’s STM 
lenses, continuous AF performance is  
remarkably quiet and smooth.
HDR Movie
The EOS Rebel T6s camera has an HDR movie 
mode that helps minimize blown-out highlights 
in high-contrast scenes. By alternatively 
shooting properly exposed and underexposed 
images at 60 fps, then generating 30 fps movies, 
the camera produces stunning videos with 
extensive color gradation, plus extensive 
highlight and shadow detail. 
Movie Servo AF – Movie Servo AF allows continuous autofocus tracking of moving subjects while recording video.