Canon EOS-1D C Brochure (en)

professional users. Their Graphic User Interface 
is faster, more precise and more intuitive  
than ever. The menu structure has been 
redesigned so that frequently used functions 
previously buried in the menu hierarchy are 
brought to the front. Operations previously 
assigned to buttons, controls, menus and 
custom functions have been consolidated for 
quick access in the menu, helping to ensure 
the photographer can concentrate on shooting 
images with the knowledge that the camera’s 
settings are just right. Select EOS cameras 
offer operational help through the press of  
the Info button, identifying features quickly, 
instructing on their use and minimizing 
confusion, even for photographers operating 
the camera for the first time. 
Enhanced GUI  
(Feature Guide, Easier Menu System)
While Canon’s Graphical User Interface has 
long been the industry standard, Canon is  
constantly refining and developing new 
features for a smoother user experience. 
Accordingly, the GUI has been revamped for 
the EOS-1D X and EOS 5D Mark III cameras 
based on the response and feedback of 
High Dynamic Range
Perfect for capturing scenes with 
extreme highlights or shadows, 
High Dynamic Range (HDR) 
shooting is a feature found in 
select EOS cameras. HDR merges three images 
of varying exposure, in-camera, capturing a 
broad range of shadow and highlight detail 
and delivering an image with stunning tonal 
range. Adjustable to cover a range of ±3 stops, 
and with five different effect settings on select 
EOS cameras, HDR recording expands the 
parameters of the light and dark detail a 
camera can actually record, displaying a range 
of depth and detail previously impossible in 
image capture.
Shooting Modes
Beyond normal shooting modes 
such as Auto, Aperture priority 
and Shutter priority, select 
EOS cameras offer shooting 
features such as Picture Style 
technology, which helps 
optimize camera settings for 
subjects like landscapes and portraits, even 
monochromes. For even more creative imaging 
freedom, Canon developed Basic+. Basic+ makes 
it easy to create whatever image effects are desired 
using two option categories: In “Shoot by ambiance 
selection,” standard white balance and exposure 
compensation are altered according to the chosen 
ambience, such as vivid, soft, warm, intense, cool, 
brighter, darker and monochrome. In “Shoot by 
lighting or scene type,” white balance is adjusted 
according to selections like daylight, cloudy, 
shade, tungsten, fluorescent and sunset. These 
features, complemented by the Canon Auto 
Lighting Optimizer, Lens Peripheral Illumination 
Correction, Highlight Tone Priority and Noise 
Reduction, help ensure accurate, nuanced results.
Scene Intelligent Auto
Scene Intelligent Auto, found  
on select EOS cameras, merges  
a number of very complex  
measurements into settings that 
help create photographs of gorgeous tonality, 
accurate color, sharp focus and phenomenal detail.
Picture Style Technology
With the myriad features and 
settings available, even the  
best photographer might  
occasionally have doubts as to whether all of 
the camera settings are optimal for the shot. 
Canon’s ingenious Picture Style feature comes 
to the rescue, providing a number of user-
friendly presets, including standard, neutral 
and landscape, giving the ability to fine-tune 
the images the camera produces. They enable 
the photographer to make optimal choices 
based simply on the type of shooting. These 
presets can be used in much the same way one 
would use different types of film, and more  
can be created using Canon’s included Picture 
Style Editor Software. Individual camera  
settings–such as sharpening, contrast, color 
tone, and saturation– can be overridden if need 
be. Select EOS models even feature Picture 
Twilight – Capture the subtle vibrancy of colors illuminated 
by the soft glow of the receding sun using the twilight  
setting. (Extended Function, online support only.)
Bright – A number of images are merged into a single 
image in-camera for incredible creative compositions.
Continuous Shooting Priority – Capture fast-action  
photography on a single image.
Monochrome – This setting emulates the color filters of 
silver halide film for bold black and white images and 
allows for red, green and other types of filter work.
Picture Style Settings Help Fine-tune Images to Match Your Scene
Style Auto, which automatically determines an 
ideal style for a particular scene. The EOS 5DS 
and EOS 5DS R cameras also include a new Fine 
Detail style to emphasize patterns, textures 
and fine edges. 
Multiple Exposure Control
Select EOS cameras offer multiple 
exposure shooting modes for 
film-like image creation with  
the convenience of in-camera 
processing. They offer up to four compositing 
methods for proper exposure and composition: 
additive, average, bright and dark (the EOS 6D 
and EOS 70D feature additive and average 
only). Multiple exposure shots from 2 to 9 are 
stored as one final image and can be taken in 
both RAW and JPEG shooting modes.
Multi-Aspect Ratios
For the ultimate in custom shooting, 
select EOS models are able to 
shoot in a number of aspect ratios, 
like 4:3, 3:2, 16:9, and even 1:1 for 
square compositions! 
Creative Filters
Select EOS cameras feature fun Creative Filters, 
such as Grainy B&W, Fisheye Effect, Toy Camera 
Effect, Miniature Effect, Art Bold Effect and 
Water Painting Effect. On the EOS Rebel SL1 
camera, Miniature Effect can also be applied to 
videos. Each effect can be applied in three 
different levels (low, standard and strong), and 
easily previewed on the LCD panel in Live View 
on select EOS cameras.
Landscape – Great for shooting nature scenes and blue skies, this setting enhances the blues 
and greens typical in landscapes and enhances saturation, contrast and sharpening.
High Dynamic Range –  
The camera automatically 
takes three shots at  
different exposures  
generating a single  
composite image with a 
wide dynamic range, 
great for landscapes.
High Dynamic Range Mode
Multiple Exposure Mode
Creative Filters
Water Painting Effect
Art Bold Effect
Miniature Effect
Fun, in-camera filters give images a unique look:
EOS In-camera Features Can Give Your Photos a Creative Edge:
Scene Intelligent Auto
Picture Style 
Auto Focus
Auto White 
Auto Lighting 
Picture Style 
Auto Focus
Auto White 
Auto Lighting