Canon EOS-1D C Manual (en)

Selecting the Communication Method and LAN Type
• EOSUtility
Select this option for remote capture over a wired LAN using the EOS 
Utility (EOS software).
In addition to remote capture, almost all EOS Utility camera operations 
except firmware updating are supported, because this option utilizes a 
wired network instead of a USB cable.
Requires a computer with EOS Utility (EOS software) installed.
• WFTserver
Select this option for remote capture over a wired LAN with the 
EOS-1D X acting as a server.
Additionally, images on a memory card in the camera can be viewed 
and downloaded to a computer.
The camera can be accessed in the same way as browsing a web 
page, by users at up to three computers.
Computer Operating Systems
Any computer with a web browser can be used, regardless of the 
operating system.
Devices other than computers that feature a web browser can also 
be used. However, if the web browser does not support JavaScript, 
WFT Server functions will be limited. Also note that devices with 
limited performance may display images more slowly, and 
downloading images to these devices may not be possible.
• MediaServ.
Select this option to view images on a memory card in the camera over 
a wired LAN on a television.
This function requires a DLNA-compatible television, digital photo 
frame, or similar media player.