Canon EOS-1D C Manual (en)

Turn the <5> dial to select a 
configuration method for the network 
settings, and then press <0>.
Select [OK] and press <0> to go to 
the next screen.
[Auto setting]
Settings otherwise configured with [Manual setting] can be 
configured automatically. However, in environments using DHCP 
servers or routers supporting DHCP server functions, the IP address 
and similar settings must be assigned and configured automatically.
If an error is displayed, select [Manual setting] regardless of 
whether the IP address and similar settings are automatically 
assigned and configured.
[Manual setting]
The [IP address set.] screen is displayed 
after you select [Manual setting]. If [Auto 
] results in an error, select [Manual 
]. The IP address you enter must be 
the IP address assigned to the camera.
Enter the [IP address], [Subnet mask], 
[Gateway], and [DNS address] on each 
screen as they are displayed.
If you are not sure what to enter, see page 97, “Checking Network 
Settings,” or
 ask the network administrator or another person 
knowledgeable about the network.
When entering numbers for the IP 
address, subnet mask, and so on, press 
<0> to move the input position and turn 
the <5> dial to enter the number.
Configuring Network Settings