Canon EOS-1D C Manual (en)

Configuring Network Settings
The following instructions are for setting screens that vary depending 
on the communication method (FTP Transfer, EOS Utility, WFT Server, 
or Media Server), as shown below. Read the page that describes the 
selected communication method.
FTP trans.
Chapter 2 (p.21)
Chapter 3 (p.43)
Completing Settings for the Communication Method
Users of EOS Utility Ver. 2.13 or Earlier in Windows
Before performing the operations described from page 43, perform the 
operations below. If these operations are not performed, the Pairing 
Software described on page 44 may not start.
Open the [C Drive]  [Program Files]  [Canon]  [EOS Utility]  
[WFTPairing] folder (in this order), and then double-click the [WFT 
] icon. (This folder name is only an example. The folder 
where files are saved varies depending on the computer environment used.)
After performing this operation, perform the operations described from 
page 43.