Canon EOS-1D C Manual (en)

Configuring Network Settings
The virtual keyboard is displayed when entering the server name and 
other information.
Switching between input areas
To switch between input areas, press the 
<Q> button.
Moving the cursor
To move the cursor, turn the <5> dial.
You can also move the cursor using 
Entering text
In the bottom input area, turn the <5> 
dial to move the cursor and press <0> 
to enter text.
You can also move the cursor using 
You can check how many characters you 
have entered by referring to [*/32] in the 
upper-right corner of the screen.
Deleting text
If you make a mistake, press the <L> 
button to erase characters.
Confirming entries
Press the <7> button to confirm 
what you have entered and go to the 
next screen.
Canceling entries
Press the <6> button to erase the 
entry and return to the previous screen.
Virtual Keyboard Operation