Canon EOS-1D C Manual (en)

Automatic Image Transfer After Each Shot
Select the size and type of images 
to transfer.
To transfer smaller JPEGs when the camera is set up to record 
larger JPEGs to one card and smaller JPEGs to the other, set [JPEG 
size to trans.
] to [Smaller JPEG].
To transfer either RAW or JPEG images when the camera is set up 
to record RAW images to one card and JPEGs to the other, specify 
which images to transfer in the [RAW+JPEG transfer] setting. 
Similarly, complete the same setting when RAW+JPEG images are 
recorded simultaneously to a single memory card.
When images of the same size are recorded to both cards 
simultaneously, images recorded to card 1 are transferred, 
regardless of image quality (compression).
If transfer fails, the <Y> lamp on the 
camera blinks in red. In this case, press 
the <7> button, select 
[Communication settings] on the [53
tab, and press <0>. When the screen 
shown on the left is displayed, check the 
error number and see page 84 to eliminate the cause of the error. 
Once the cause of the error is eliminated, the images whose transfer 
previously failed will be transferred automatically. With this option 
activated, transfer is attempted again automatically after failure, both 
when automatic transfer is used and when transferring captured images 
via FTP. Note that when you cancel image transfer, or turn off the 
camera, the image will not be re-transferred automatically. See page 34 
and transfer the image manually.
Auto Retry if Transfer Fails