Canon EOS-1D C Manual (en)

These instructions assume that your wired LAN and FTP server 
settings are complete. For details on configuring these settings, refer 
to the documentation provided with the respective equipment.
Terms in brackets [   ] indicate button or icon names or other 
software elements. Brackets also denote camera menu items.
Page numbers in parentheses indicate where you can find additional 
These instructions assume that you have read the Camera 
Instruction Manual and are familiar with operating the camera.
Sections of this manual labeled with the following symbols contain 
information of the corresponding nature.
: Warnings to avoid potential problems are labeled with a caution 
: Supplemental information is labeled with a note symbol.
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Using the camera for remote image transfer, capture, or viewing requires 
adequate knowledge of configuring your wired LAN and FTP server.
Canon cannot provide support for configuring wired LANs or FTP servers.
Note that Canon cannot be held liable for any loss or damage to the camera 
from erroneous network or FTP server settings. In addition, Canon cannot be 
held liable for any other loss or damage caused by use of the camera.