Canon EOS-1D C Manual (en)

Images transferred to the FTP server are stored in the following folder as 
specified in the FTP server settings.
Under the default settings of the FTP server, images are stored in [
]  [Inetpub] folder  [ftproot] folder, or in a subfolder of this 
If the root folder of the transfer destination has been changed in the 
FTP server settings, ask the FTP server administrator where images 
are transferred.
Open the [Macintosh HD]  [Users] folder. The folder where 
images are stored is located in the folder of the user currently logged 
in, or in a subfolder of this folder.
Under default settings, transferred images will be stored in the root 
folder specified in the FTP server settings, in a folder structure such as 
A/DCIM/100EOS1D that is automatically created.
Additionally, when you have selected card 1 for recording and playback, 
a folder structure such as “A/DCIM/100EOS1D” is automatically 
created for image storage. For card 2, the folder structure is “B/DCIM/
100EOS1D”. (Images are stored separately, with card 1 images in 
folder A and card 2 images in folder B.)
Viewing Transferred Images
Folders for Image Storage