Canon EOS-1D C Manual (en)

Configuring EOS Utility Communication Settings
Save the settings.
Press <0> and turn the <5> dial to 
select the set number, and then press 
After you turn the <5> dial to select 
[OK] and press <0>, the connection 
wizard closes and EOS Utility starts 
The <LAN> lamp on the camera lights 
up in green.
The EOS Utility network settings are now complete.
There is no need to complete pairing again if you continue using a 
particular camera and computer together after pairing without 
changing the settings.
Users of EOS Utility Ver. 2.13 or Earlier
When using this function the next time, simply turn on the camera 
and start the pairing software. The connection between the camera 
and computer will be established automatically.
You can add the pairing software to the software launched at startup 
of your computer. On the [Preferences]  [Basic Settings] tab in 
EOS Utility, select [Add WFT Pairing Software to the Startup 
]. (Macintosh users: Select [Register WFT Pairing Software 
in Login Options