Canon EOS-1D C Manual (en)

In the web browser, display the WFT Server screen for EOS-1D X 
operations. Make sure you have already established a connection 
between the camera and computer.
Start the web browser.
First, start Internet Explorer or 
another web browser.
Enter the URL.
In the address bar, enter the IP 
address assigned to the camera.
Press the <Enter> key.
Enter the [Login name] and 
[Password] settings.
Enter the login name and password 
as specified in the procedure on page 
51. Click [OK] to display the WFT 
Server screen.
Web browsers that support 
JavaScript will display the screen on 
the lower left in step 4.
Otherwise, a message is displayed 
when JavaScript is not supported. 
Choosing not to use JavaScript will 
display the screen on the lower right 
in step 4, with limited functions.
Displaying WFT Server