Canon EOS-1D C Manual (en)

If wired LAN errors are displayed on the camera LCD monitor, refer to 
the examples of corrective actions in this chapter to eliminate the cause 
of the error. In case of errors, the <Y> lamp on the camera blinks. 
The error details can also be checked on the [53] tab under 
[Communication settings]  [Network settings]  
[Error description].
If [Waiting to retry transfer…] is displayed
If image transfer via FTP fails after 
shooting, the screen on the left is 
displayed, and the camera’s <Y> 
lamp blinks in red. Check the error 
number and eliminate the cause of the 
Once the cause of the error is eliminated, the images whose transfer 
previously failed will be transferred automatically. 
Note that if you cancel image transfer or turn off the camera, auto retry 
is not performed. Follow the steps on page 34 to transfer the images.
Handling Error Messages
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