Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

Downloading Images to Your Computer
Download the images saved on the memory card inserted in the 
You can download images with “EOS Utility”, communication software 
for the camera.
For detailed instructions on downloading images, refer to the “EOS 
Utility Instruction Manual” (PDF electronic manual).
Downloading Images Using the Software “EOS Utility”
You can also download images to the computer using a third-party card 
Load the memory card into the card reader.
Start up DPP beforehand.
Open a removable disk icon in the folder area and 
drag the [DCIM] folder to the [Desktop].
The [DCIM] folder is copied to your computer.
All images are saved in folder units inside the [DCIM] folder.
Copying images to your computer will take some time when there 
is a large number of images saved on the memory card.
Downloading Images Using Your Card Reader