Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

Specify the required settings, then click the [Start 
HDR] button.
To change the selected image or add another image, click the 
[Browse] button, and in the [Open] dialog box that appears, 
select the image file and click the [Open] button. 
If you select two images of the same size, you can checkmark 
the [Auto Align] checkbox for auto image alignment. However, 
auto image alignment may not work properly with repetitive 
patterns (lattice, stripes, etc.) or flat, single-tone images.
By clicking the [Start HDR] button, the [Adjust Image] window 
After using auto image alignment, the periphery of the images is 
partially deleted.
Make required selections to adjust the image.
Sliders in [Adjust Image] window
[Brightness]: Adjusts the overall brightness of the image. Move 
the slider to the right to brighten the image, and to 
the left to darken the image.
[Saturation]: Adjusts the overall color saturation of the image. 
Move the slider to the right to make the color 
deeper, and to the left to make the color weaker.
Adjusts the overall contrast of the image. Move 
the slider to the right to make contrast stronger 
and to the left to make contrast weaker.