Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

[Detail Enhancement]
Adjusts the overall contrast and contrast of 
details together. Move the slider to the right for a 
stronger effect.
[Smoothness]:Adjusts the overall smoothness of the image. 
Move the slider to the right for a smooth and 
natural impression.
Adjusts the clearness of details. Move the slider 
to the right for a sharper outline.
[Presets] and finishing effects
With [Presets], you can select from the five preset finishing 
effects below from a pulldown menu ([Natural] is selected by 
default), instead of operating the sliders individually. By selecting 
a finishing effect, each slider moves according to the setting. You 
can also operate and adjust the sliders after selecting an effect.
In high-contrast scenes, rendering in areas 
where highlights or shadows are usually clipped 
is corrected, for a finish with reduced highlight 
and shadow clipping.
[Art standard]: Gives a finish with painting-like tonality for an 
impressive image.
[Art vivid]:
For a more vivid look than with [Art standard].
[Art bold]:
For a more vivid look than with [Art standard], 
that makes the subject pop out.
[Art embossed]: Tones down vividness more than [Art standard], 
for an old-fashioned feel.
Click the [Save As] button. 
Specify the required settings in the window that appears by 
clicking the [Save As] button and click the [Save] button.
You can display this function as a function button in the main 
window’s toolbar