Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

Using the Dual Pixel RAW Optimizer
By setting the Dual Pixel RAW function on the camera compatible with 
the function before shooting RAW images, images are recorded as 
“special RAW images (Dual Pixel RAW images)” with dual pixel 
information appended from the imaging sensor. This is called Dual Pixel 
RAW shooting. Using this function, the [Dual Pixel RAW Optimizer], with 
Dual Pixel RAW images, you can make use of the Dual Pixel data 
recorded with the Dual Pixel RAW image for microadjustment of the 
position of maximum sharpness and resolution using the depth 
information contained within the file, repositioning the viewpoint or 
foreground bokeh for a more pleasing result, and reducing the 
appearance of ghosting in images.
Cautions for Dual Pixel RAW shooting
Note the following when shooting in Dual Pixel RAW.
Common to all functions
• Effects are most easily gained when the lens aperture value is 
f/5.6 or lower.
• Effects may be different between shooting in vertical orientation 
and horizontal orientation.
• It is recommended that the ISO speed be ISO 1600 or lower.
Only for “Microadjustment of the position of maximum sharpness 
and resolution using the depth information contained within the 
Dual Pixel RAW file”
• It is recommended that the lens focal length be at least 50 mm.
• It is recommended that this function be used when the camera 
is at a distance from the subject.*
* Use the following as a guide to subject distances according to 
focal length.
When the lens focal length is 50 mm, the subject distance 
should be approx. 1 m - 10 m / 3.3 ft. - 32.8 ft.
When the lens focal length is 100 mm, the subject distance 
should be approx. 2 m - 20 m / 6.6 ft. - 65.6 ft.
When the lens focal length is 200 mm, the subject distance 
should be approx. 4 m - 40 m / 13.1 ft. - 131.2 ft.
You can display this function as a function button in the main 
window’s toolbar 
Microadjust the position of maximum sharpness and resolution, using the 
depth information contained within the Dual Pixel RAW images.
In the main window or edit image window, select the 
Dual Pixel RAW image you want to adjust, and then 
select [Start Dual Pixel RAW Optimizer] from the 
[Tools] menu.
The Dual Pixel RAW Optimizer window appears.
Checkmark the [Image Microadjustment] checkbox.
Microadjustment of the Position of Maximum 
Sharpness and Resolution Using the Depth 
Information Contained within the Dual Pixel RAW File