Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

Adjust the image.
Use the slider to adjust the viewpoint.
Click the [OK] button.
Adjustment results are applied to the image.
For information on saving adjustment results to images, see 
“Saving Editing Results” 
If the subject’s outline or any bokeh look unnatural, or there is an 
increase in noise or noticeable changes in hue or brightness, 
lower the level of adjustment.
Resolution may expand in the depth direction according to the 
level of adjustment.
If the border of the selected area in the image appears unnatural, 
lower the level of adjustment.
This function cannot be used at the same time as 
“Microadjustment of the position of maximum sharpness and 
resolution using the depth information contained within the Dual 
Pixel RAW file” or “Reduces the appearance of ghosting in 
Reduce the appearance of ghosting in images, using the dual pixel 
information in Dual Pixel RAW images.
In the main window or edit image window, select the 
Dual Pixel RAW image you want to adjust, and then 
select [Start Dual Pixel RAW Optimizer] from the 
[Tools] menu.
The Dual Pixel RAW Optimizer window appears.
Checkmark the [Ghosting Reduction] checkbox, and 
specify the area.
Click the [Select area] button and drag on the image to specify 
the area to be adjusted, and right-click with the mouse to fix the 
You can also remove the check mark from the [Show borders] 
checkbox to hide the border.
Any ghosting and flare in the specified area is reduced.
Reduces the Appearance of Ghosting in Images