Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

Remote Shooting
You can perform remote shooting by using “EOS Utility” which enables 
communication with a camera in combination.
For remote shooting, “EOS Utility Ver. 3.x” must be installed on your 
computer. For information on cameras compatible with “EOS Utility Ver. 
3.x”, refer to “EOS Utility Ver. 3.x Instruction Manual” (electronic manual 
in PDF format). This function is not available on EOS M series cameras 
or PowerShot cameras.
Click the [Remote Shooting] button on the toolbar in 
the main window.
Remote shooting setting window appears.
Set the [Destination] in the Specify Remote Shooting 
Folder window.
To save to the currently selected folder, select [Current Folder].
To create a new folder for saving images, select [Use this folder], 
click the [Select] button, then select the destination and enter a 
name for [Destination folder].
After specifying settings, click the [OK] button.
The remote shooting window appears.