Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

You can change the [File Name] for Specify Remote Shooting 
Folder window.
(If [Do not modify] is selected, images are saved with the file names 
set on the camera.)
Click the [Settings] button to display the Set file name for captured 
image window.
Select a naming rule for image file names from the list box.
You can click the [Customize] button and customize naming rules 
for file names.
You can individually set prefix characters, number of digits for 
serial numbers, and the start number for file names.
If you are using the shooting date in file names, you can specify 
the date format (order and style for year-month-date) and 
dividing characters on the Set file name for captured image 
After specifying settings, click the [OK] button.
The Set file name for captured image window closes.
After clicking the [Remote Shooting] button, you can click the 
] button at the bottom right of the main window to show/
hide the [Camera Control] palette.
You can perform shooting while checking the image by switching 
the window to multi-layout.
Connect a camera and a computer, and set the 
camera’s power switch to <ON>.
 Click the [Live View] button.
Live View window of “EOS Utility” appears.