Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

Specifying Preferences
You can change the various functions of DPP in the [Preferences] 
window. Check the contents of each window and set.
Refer to the detailed explanations if available, as well as to each 
Select the [Digital Photo Professional 4] menu  
The [Preferences] window appears.
Select a tab sheet, specify the settings, and then 
click the [OK] button.
You can specify the folder that opens when DPP is started up, saving of 
recipes, etc.
Movie file playback
You can change the movie playback application to EOS MOVIE Utility. 
Movies that cannot be played back with EOS MOVIE Utility are played 
back with the movie playback application specified with the computer’s 
OS settings. For detailed instructions on EOS MOVIE Utility, refer to the 
EOS MOVIE Utility Instruction Manual.
General Settings
If you have changed the movie playback application to EOS 
MOVIE Utility, and playback does not start after starting up EOS 
MOVIE Utility, check compatible models with the EOS MOVIE 
Utility Instruction Manual.
If the movie playback application specified with the computer’s 
OS settings is set to EOS MOVIE Utility, MOV and MP4 files shot 
with the models that are not compatible with EOS MOVIE Utility 
will not be played back. Check the OS settings and change the 
movie playback application.