Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

Default value of output resolution
When saving JPEG or TIFF images created by converting RAW images 
, the resolution of the JPEG or TIFF images can be set.
Temporarily saved files
You can delete temporarily saved files that were created and improve 
operation speed, change file save destinations, or set a limit on disk 
usage. Any changes you made will be applied when you start up DPP 
[Delete] button: 
Click the [Delete]  button to delete 
temporarily saved files.
[Maximum available on disk]: Set with the slider (setting range: 0 to 
32 GB).
Once usage reaches the limit, files 
are erased starting with the oldest.
Click the [Browse] button to change 
the save destination in the dialog that 
[Reset] button: 
Click the [Reset] button to revert all 
changes to the original settings.
You can specify settings for processing images in DPP.
Image Processing 1
JPEG image quality
[Remove block noise and mosquito noise]
You can improve the quality of a JPEG image by reducing the noise 
particular to JPEG images. 
This setting is also effective when RAW images are converted to 
JPEG images and saved 
 and for JPEG images that to 
be saved with a different name. The higher the JPEG image’s 
compression rate, the better the effect. And when the compression 
rate is low, the effect of noise reduction may not be noticeable.
Modified Picture Style settings
If you checkmark the checkbox, setting values for [Color tone], [Color 
saturation], [Contrast], [Unsharp mask], [Sharpness], and other options 
will be retained for each Picture Style.
Image processing