Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

To use this function, a NVIDIA CUDA (Compute Capability 2.0 or 
higher) GPU
 with at least 1.0 GB of video memory is necessary. 
Additionally, the latest NVIDIA GPU driver must be installed.
 GPU is an abbreviation of “Graphics Processing Unit”.
The [Use graphics processor for image processing] checkbox is 
available only when a supporting GPU is installed.
If the OS or other application software is using the GPU, 
processing by the GPU may not be possible in some 
circumstances. In such a case, the CPU handles processing as 
You can specify settings relating to color management, such as settings 
for work color space, conditions for color matching, etc.
Default settings of Work color space
You can select the color space 
 to be applied as a default setting 
of RAW images from five types. The color space set will be applied as 
the color space when a RAW image is converted and saved 
 or printed 
If you change the color space, and you restart DPP, the set color 
space is applied as the default color space.
You can check the color space that is set in an image in all windows 
except the quick check window.
If you checkmark [Use shooting color space as work color space], 
the color space specified with the camera when the image was shot 
will be set as work color space.
Color Management