Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

If DPP is not operating correctly, refer to the subjects below.
You cannot install software unless you are logged into an account with 
Administrator privileges. Log in again into an account with 
Administrator privileges. For how to log in and how to specify 
Administrator settings, refer to the User’s Manual for the Macintosh 
computer you are using or for OS.
DPP does not operate correctly on a computer if its system 
requirements are not met. Use DPP on a computer with compatible 
system requirements 
Even if your computer has the RAM capacity (memory) described in 
the system requirement
, if other applications are running at the 
same time as DPP, you may not have sufficient RAM (memory). Quit 
any applications other than DPP.
Depending on the card reader and computer OS used, SDXC cards 
may not be correctly detected. In such a case, connect your camera 
and computer with the provided interface cable, and transfer the 
images to your computer using EOS Utility.
Images that are not supported by DPP are not displayed. (Thumbnail 
images are displayed as [?].) There are various types of JPEG and 
TIFF images, so JPEG images other than Exif 2.2, 2.21 or 2.3 
compatible images and TIFF images other than Exif compatible 
images may not to be displayed properly 
Installation can not be completed correctly
DPP does not work
The card reader does not detect the SD card
Images are not displayed properly
Contents that can only be adjusted for RAW images cannot be 
applied as a recipe to JPEG images or TIFF images.
If a RAW image which has a color space other than sRGB is 
converted and saved as a JPEG or TIFF image 
, the 
colors will be subdued when viewed in software that is only 
compatible with sRGB color space. In such a case, set the RAW 
image’s color space to sRGB, convert and save again as a JPEG or 
TIFF image, and then view the image.
The Auto Lighting Optimizer 
 is a function compatible with 
cameras equipped with the Auto Lighting Optimizer.
Adjustments made with the Auto Lighting Optimizer cannot be applied 
to RAW images shot with the cameras not compatible with this 
If the color of the monitor that displays an image is not adjusted 
correctly, or if the profile for a printer that is to print image is not set 
up, the color of the image displayed on screen and the color of the 
printed photograph may differ greatly. If the color of the monitor that 
displays images is corrected 
 and the profile for a printer is set 
up correctly 
, the color of a printed photograph and the color of 
an image on screen can be more closely matched. Using a Canon 
printer automatically sets up the profiles for the printer, so you only 
need to set the color of the monitor to bring the colors closer to each 
If a large number of images are printed in batches, printing may stop 
in the middle or the images may not be printed. Reduce the number of 
images to print or increase the memory on your computer.
A recipe could not be pasted (applied) to another image
Colors are subdued in the image when viewed with 
other software
The colors of the image displayed on screen and 
the colors of the printed image do not match
Printing a large number of images in batches 
cannot be performed