Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

Using the Thumbnails Control Panel
The thumbnails control panel integrates various settings for viewing thumbnails.
By using this panel, you can view and specify the settings for thumbnails efficiently. 
Thumbnails control panel functions
Change the size of thumbnails
Display thumbnails without file names
Display standard thumbnails
Display thumbnails with information
Select information to display for thumbnails
Display a RAW image and JPEG image as a single image
Display a RAW image and JPEG image that were shot together 
as a single image. When this setting is specified, viewing and 
editing of images are as follows.
Image displayed: Only the RAW image is displayed in all 
Edited image: The content which has been edited with any of 
DPP’s functions (the tool palette etc.) will be applied to the 
RAW image only. However, if you have used the following 
functions, the adjustments will be applied to both the RAW 
image and the JPEG image.
• Deleting an imag
• Moving or copying an image 
• Checkmarking 
• Rating 
• Rotating an image 
Select all thumbnails  
Cancel all thumbnail selections 
The thumbnails control panel is displayed in the main window by 
default. If it is not displayed, such as when screen settings have 
been changed, you can display it by selecting [Thumbnail control 
panel] in the [Thumbnails] menu. 
In multi-layout (vertical thumbnails, 
), only the thumbnail view 
settings (Default thumbnail display/Show thumbnails without file 
names) are possible.
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