Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

Using the Thumbnail Display Filter/Sort 
This function allows you to display only thumbnails that match the 
selected filtering option or to specify an option for sorting thumbnails.
Click the [
] button at the bottom of the main 
The [Filter/Sort] palette is displayed.
Specify settings.
(1) Thumbnail display filter on/off
By setting to [On], only thumbnails matching the filtering option set 
with (2) the filtering options menu are displayed.
(2) Filtering options menu
Select a filtering option for the thumbnail display filter.
(3) Sorting options
Select an option for sorting thumbnails. If files were added, a “*” is 
temporarily displayed after the option name.
(4) Sort order selection
Select the order (ascending/descending) for sorting thumbnails.
Click the [
] button again to hide the [Filter/Sort] palette.
When [Apply to all folders] is checkmarked with the thumbnail display 
filter/sort function, filter settings will be kept and applied when you 
switch to a different folder or the next time DPP is started up. When it 
is not checkmarked, filter settings automatically change to [Off] when 
you switch to a different folder or the next time DPP is started up.