Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

Enlarging and Viewing an Image in the Preview Window
The preview window appears.
Up to 36 windows can be displayed at the same time for the 
preview window.
Click the [
] in the Upper left of the preview window to close the 
preview window.
Preview window
Tool palette
By selecting the [Preview] menu  [AF points] in the preview 
window, you can display the AF points selected in the camera at 
the time of shooting. However, AF points are not displayed for 
images whose image size has been changed and then been 
converted and save
, images for which you selected an 
effect other than [Shot settings] as correction of fisheye lens 
distortion aberration, or images which have had settings specified 
during RAW processing on the camera for distortion correction or 
chromatic aberration correction.