Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

With Preview control panel, you can check the image in detail.
You can use this panel in the main window (multi-layout) and edit image 
window. If the preview control panel is not displayed, you can display it 
by selecting [Preview control panel] from the [Preview] menu. By 
default, the
button and [
] button are selected.
Changing the Magnification
Checking an Image Using the Preview Control Panel
Display the image at actual pixel size (100%).
Click the [ ] button to display the image at the set 
magnification displayed. If the [
] button is used to 
enlarge/reduce the image, the magnification set for this 
button also changes accordingly
Excluding actual pixel size (100%)
Enlarge/reduce the image.
Revert the zoomed image back to fit-to-window view.
Comparing with a Pinned (Fixed) Image
You can split the window into two sections, and compare the images on 
the left and right by “pinning” an image in the left section then scrolling 
images in the right section. It improves efficiency of image selection.
Select an image and click the [
] button.
The window divides into left and right, and the selected image is 
When you pin an image and perform scrolling, the image on the 
left (pinned image) remains and only the image on the right is 
scrolled, which is convenient for image selection.
To pin another image, select the image, then select [Pin] from the 
menu that appears when you right-click with the mouse.
After pinning an image, you can click the [
] button to switch 
between top-bottom and left-right split screens.
Pinned (fixed) image