Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

Select an image and click the [
] button.
The image and properties selected in step 2 are displayed in the 
If the recipe contents of an image being edited are displayed in 
before/after comparison (two-screen display/split-image display), 
edited items are displayed in red.
All the property items may not be displayed depending on the 
combination of window, preview window, or the size of thumbnails.
The preview window shows the coordinates of the mouse cursor and the 
work color space. By switching to multi-function preview, you can also 
check image details in the same way as the main window (multi-layout). 
Select the [Tools] menu  [Preview screen display 
settings], and then [Multi-function preview] from the 
dialog that appears.
After selecting, click the [Close] button.
Open the preview windo
A multi-function preview with various functions at the bottom of 
the screen is displayed.
For how to use the displayed functions, see “Viewing an Image in 
the Main Window (Thumbnail Layout)” 
 and “Checking an 
Image Using the Preview Control Panel” 
Checking an Image in Multi-Function Preview