Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

You can sort images by attaching check marks or setting ratings 
(indicated with [ ] marks) for each subject or theme.
Attaching Check Marks
Display the image you want to attach a check mark 
to, and then click any one of [
] to [
The selected check mark appears in the upper left of the window.
Click the [Clear] button to remove the check mark.
Sorting Images
Check mark
The values of check marks attached to images in versions before 
DPP 4 are not maintained.
You can also attach check marks from the menu that appears by 
clicking on an image in the main window while holding down the 
<control> key.
Setting Ratings
Display the image you want to rate, and then click 
any one of the [ ].
The rating is set and an icon corresponding to the selected [
appears in the upper left of the window.
(Window shown with a rating of three [
To set [Reject], click the [Reject] button. Click the [Reject] button 
again to cancel.
To cancel the rating, click the same [
] as when the setting was 
made on the right of the window.
Rating icon
As the file structure of the image data is changed when a rating is 
set to an image, it may not be possible to check the image 
information in third-party software.