Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

Arranging Freely
Drag and drop the image to the desired location.
The image moves to the desired location.
You can also select multiple images 
 and move them.
The order of rearranged images is temporarily registered as 
[Custom] in [Sort] of thumbnails control area and maintained until 
you exit DPP or select another folder in the folder area.
Select the [Thumbnails] menu  [Sort]  [File name] and [Ascending] 
to revert to the order before the images were rearranged.
You can maintain the order of rearranged images even if you quit DPP 
or select another folder in the folder area.
Maintain order without changing image file names
You can use the [View Settings] tab sheet in [Preferences] to maintain 
the order of images without changing the image file names 
Maintain order and change image file names
You can use the rename function to maintain the order of images and 
change the image file names all at once in the order they were 
Maintaining the order of rearranged images
You can display and handle a RAW image and JPEG image shot 
simultaneously as a single image. In particular, you can halve the 
number of images displayed in the main window and you can streamline 
the checking of a large number of images shot simultaneously.
Images that can be displayed as a single image are images shot with a 
camera that shoots RAW images with the extension “.CR2” and JPEG 
images simultaneously. Images that have been simultaneously shot with 
a camera that shoots RAW images with the extension “.CRW” or “.TIF” 
cannot be displayed as a single image.
Image displayed
The RAW image is displayed in all windows.
Edited image
The content which has been adjusted with any of DPP’s functions (the 
tool palette etc.) will be applied to the RAW image only. 
However, if you have used the following functions, the adjustments 
will be applied to both the RAW image and the JPEG image.
• Deleting an image 
• Moving or copying an image 
• Checkmarking 
• Rating 
• Rotating an image 
Select the [Thumbnails] menu  [Group RAW and 
JPG versions].
The main window display updates and the simultaneously shot 
RAW image and JPEG image are displayed as a single image 
with the [
RAW images with the extension “.CR2” can be displayed as a 
single image
When a single image is displayed
Displaying a RAW Image and JPEG Image as a Single Image