Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

Images added to the [Collection] window
When you add a RAW image and JPEG image displayed as a single 
image to the [Collection] window, the single image is marked with the 
] mark. However, because the RAW and JPEG images are 
actually added individually, the number of images shown on the 
[Collection] tab sheet increases by 2.
If you cancel selection of [Group RAW and JPG versions], the RAW 
image and JPEG image are displayed as separate images.
Select the image for which you want to check the 
image information.
Select the [View] menu  [Info].
The image information window appears.
Select a tab sheet and check information.
Checking Image Information
[Exif Information] 
tab sheet
[XMP/IPTC Information] 
tab sheet
tab sheet
Image information window