Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

Shooting information is displayed in the [Exif Information] tab 
sheet, while IPTC
 information appended to the image after 
shooting is displayed in the [XMP/IPTC Information] tab sheet. 
 information provides additional comments on images, 
such as captions, credits and the shooting location. The 
information is sorted into 5 different categories and can be 
viewed by selecting [Description], [IPTC Contact], [IPTC Image], 
[IPTC Content] or [IPTC Status] from the list box in the [XMP/
IPTC Information] tab sheet.
 International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC)
The contents of the [Exif Information] tab sheet will vary 
depending on the camera model.
Recipe contents applied to an image are displayed in the 
[Recipes] tab sheet.
Switching displays
If a different image is selected in the main window when the image 
information window is displayed, the image information for that image 
will be displayed.
Difference with the thumbnail with shooting information
Detailed shooting information for each image is displayed in the 
image information window. However, if you want to only check the 
main shooting information, you can check it for each image in 
[Thumbnails] menu  [With shooting info] 
Convenient uses in the main window