Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

Organizing Images
This section explains how to delete unwanted images, move or copy 
images, etc., to organize your images.
Be aware that you cannot recover deleted images.
Select an unwanted image in the main window.
Select the [File] menu  [Move to Trash].
The image is moved to the [Trash] and is deleted from DPP.
The images are deleted completely from your computer by 
selecting the [Finder] menu  [Empty Trash] on the desktop.
Deleting an Unwanted Image
You can move or copy images to a separate folder and sort by shooting 
date or themes.
Drag the image to be moved or copied.
To move: Drag the image and release when the image is in the 
destination folder.
To copy: Drag the image while holding down the <Option> key 
and release when the image is in the destination 
The images are moved or copied to the destination folder.
Moving Images