Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

Editing JPEG and TIFF Images
With DPP, you can adjust JPEG and TIFF images in the same way as 
RAW images using the tool palettes below.
• Tone Adjustment tool palette
• Color Adjustment tool palette
• Detailed Adjustment tool palette
• Trimming/Angle Adjustment tool palette
• Dust Delete/Copy Stamp tool palette
• Settings tool palette
Because adjustments made with these tool palettes (the recipe) only 
change the image processing conditions, the “original image data itself” 
remains unaffected. Consequently, there is none of the image 
deterioration that normally accompanies editing and you can readjust 
your image any number of times.
In DPP, all the adjustments (image processing conditions information) 
made with the tool palettes can be saved in the image as data called a 
, or can be saved, downloaded and applied to other 
images as a separate recipe file (extension “.dr4”,
recipe data with saved JPEG or TIFF image adjustments cannot be 
applied to RAW images.
Contents adjusted using the tool 
palettes can be handled 
individually as a recipe file 
(extension “.dr4”) 
Image processing conditions information
JPEG, TIFF image data