Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

Modulation and degree of contrast can be adjusted. Move the slider to 
the right to make contrast stronger and to the left to make contrast 
Adjusting Contrast
Reverts the image to 
the original settings
Drag the slider left or 
right (9 steps)
Enter a setting (in 0.1-
stop increments)
You can adjust the brightness of shadows and highlights in an image. 
By adjusting only shadows or highlights in an image, you can reduce the 
effects of clipping in shadows and highlights. 
Adjusting Brightness of Shadows/Highlights
Drag the sliders left 
or right
Enter a setting (in 0.1-
stop increments)
If you make a major adjustment to the highlights or shadows in an 
image, the image may look unnatural. In such a case, reduce the 
degree of adjustment.